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PGR - 105


Six-Arm Chandelier


An exact reproduction of a fine mid-eighteenth century brass chandelier of desirable form and size. The six arms are pinned to the central ring, an English innovation appearing in about 1740.

Width: 30" Height: 21"


PGR - 106


Eight -Arm Chandelier


An exact reproduction of a boldly designed mid-eighteenth-century eight-branch English chandelier with rare swirled gadrooning on the central ball. The stem surmounted by a dove*

Width: 35"    Height: 33 1/2"

* Also available without dove. Height 29"

PGR - 133


Large Two-Tier Chandelier


A superb quality brass chandelier with fourteen branches arranged in two-tiers following an English design of the early eighteenth-century.


Height: 47" Width: 45""